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Problem Solving with Data Science

This course will allow you to understand how to Apply programming languages and tools, such as UNIX commands, MySQL, Python, and R, to collect, clean, process, and analyze data, and more.

Analysing data

The Basics of Cancer Immunotherapy

Students will understand the basic principles of immunotherapy and the way our immune system protects us from developing cancers. This course is recommended for students of health sciences and who are interested to learn more about our immune system.

Mobile App Design

Brand Management

The course focuses on providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge of brand management. It also focuses on how brands are built, managed and measured. and a lot more!

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Principles of Management

The Principles of Management are numerous, but crucial. Every science manifests the essence of its hierarchy. The very same situation occurs with the science of Management. Prof.Joseph Eric Massey exclusively portrays the symbolism of the numerous Management principles. Willing to know more about the art of successful management? Check out the content of this course.

Intercultural Cities

History defines the culture of cities. Moreover, culture is cumulative, it is not an independent entity. Thus, it is the main narrator of the spirit of an inter-civilizational journey. Prof.Carla Calado in a very scholarly manner discusses the cultural features of Intercultural Cities. Moreover, the mutual connection between cities testifies about the impressive heritage of the historical past whose preservation is dependent on the usage of the recent modern technologies indispensable in the process of restoration.

City Crosswalk

Peace and Conflict Studies

The class will be based on introductory lectures, leaving room for questions and answers as well as discussions and sharing of views and experiences. For each session reading materials will be delivered according to the thematic focus of the lecture.

Silhouette of Soldiers
Image by Yasin Yusuf

Intersectionality in Migration: Gendered Experiences in Movement

Migration is a recurrent social phenomenon. What are the Gendered Experiences in Movement? Prof.Jasmin Lilian Diab in a very comprehensive fashion demonstrates the process of intersectionality and the scope of gendered identities. Are you interested to know more? Then, discover the main issues of migration depicted in this course.

Image by Sébastien Goldberg

Contemporary Migration Phenomena

In this course, we will explore the causes, mechanisms, forms, and consequences of contemporary international migration worldwide, by making an emphasis on different regions, known as typical for emitters and receptors of migrants. 

Rossen Koroutchev

Professor of Migration Studies.

Energy Security and International Relations

The benefits of Energy Security are tremendous. The inclusion of International Relations, likewise, strengthens the management of energy consumption. The expensive energy contradicts the scope of the economic development of the state apparatus. Prof. Javad Keypour, in a very comprehensive manner, points out some peculiar features about the science of Energy Security and International Relations. Willing to discover more? Check out the content of this course.

Image by Gonz DDL
Programming Console

Python Programming for Beginners

Programming seems to be an unsolvable puzzle or a tricky labyrinth of ideas?! Well, yes and no. The art of proper coding is reflected in the intrinsic philosophy of Python Programming. This course, delivered by Prof. Surendra Varma, explicitly testifies more abundantly about the logical aspect of programming languages. Everything can be learned, even programming. Are you an inspiring software engineer or programmer? Then, delve deep into the world of Python Programming. You might get surprised by its authenticity and digital relevance.

Gamification for Educators

The process of Gamification is an entire class philosophy, even a complex science of entertainment that reduces significantly the level of students’ passivity. What is the secret of Gamification? How to retain the attention of the students? Basically, the correct translation of the process of Gamification is ‘being fun and entertaining’. This course is delivered by Prof. Terence Govender.

Strategic Management

The art of Strategic Management entails the notion of the company’s success and competition in the market. What are basically the company’s do’s and don’ts in the workplace? Find out the secrets of Strategic Management in the lessons delivered by Prof.Abdul Ahad Khan.

Startup Creation

This is a course for those who have long dreamed of getting out of the "current reality", doing their job and making dreams come true one after another. Starting a business is one of the best decisions of one’s life and with the course we will be able to make this dream come true. 

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