Fatima Al-Fihri Open University, as part of its efforts to grow wider in the world and to keep this initiative from people and for people with maintaining its independency from any organization or entity, we decided to create an investors list of the first 100 applications divided in three categories.

First one is the Green Investors, who can apply by investing 50 USD. The Green Card at FAOU will allow all members of this level (additionally to the yearly benefit of their investment) to be part of VIP community who give suggestions and participate in the General Assembly of FAOU where we vote for strategies and higher decisions. While the Second level is the Golden Investors (100 USD), which allow its members additionally to their yearly benefits to be part of the decision board to engage in policies and strategies making process of FAOU. 

the Platinum Investors is the highest level, where can earn a quarterly or yearly plus all previous benefits of Green and Golden Cards, only with a 300 USD investment!  

If you are interested apply before all cards purchased!

For Questions or Inquiries Please contact us at: contact@alfihri.org





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