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Educational Dilemma in Bangladesh

COVID-19 creates a deadlock situation in the educational sector of Bangladesh. How did this occur? The truth is that this dates back way before the pandemic in which students could not attend schools, colleges and universities.

Educational Dilemma designed by nadir ul kaysar
Educational Dilemma

Most school students did not get the opportunity to pursue their studies because their classes were cancelled. On the other hand, some university students were lucky enough to have online classes, however, how they could utilize and benefit from them (online classes), still remains a question.

Universities students mostly did not acquire proper knowledge due to distance learning. Especially, students from rural areas who could not join the online classes provided by some universities due to lack of internet connection. Furthermore, when students could not understand their lessons, they would pass their time in leisure. Thus, COVID-19 created a barrier for students of Bangladesh who are still not used to distance learning. Another scenario is noticed during the pandemic. The government broadcasted school lessons on TV. Most of the students, especially the ones in rural areas, did not get any access to. So, the initiative disrupted because access to education is not equal. Distance learning could be fruitful for those who are enrolled in school but not for everyone else.

As a developing country, it is important to note that most of the students do not own mobile phones or laptops which is causing disruption and also enhancing inequality. Even some kids whose parents couldn't afford them to attend schools before the pandemic and only got some education through different non-profit organizations were forced to stop due to the sanitary situation. Most non-profit organizations depend on fund-raising and they get fund when people will contribute. In the pandemic situation, middle income earning people faced a hurdle in fulfilling their basic needs. So it would be difficult for giving a donation to any organization.

Moreover, the health and safety of the students are considered to be a priority by the government. For this reason, the duration of school, colleges and universities of closing is getting prolong day by day. It could be predicted that the number of dropouts could be increased in schools due to the lack of classes. Another fact, it could be assumed that students get affected mentally due to the long time of schools being closed and not being able to concentrate regarding their studies. Negative consequences could be seen in the near future and opening schools, colleges and universities would not fix the situation.

Teachers and faculties of schools, colleges and universities struggled as well when it comes to distance learning. Some school and college teachers faced problem in using zoom, Google meet and Microsoft team. They were not as familiar with them as the students (or less) and therefore, they have faced difficulties to cope up with distance learning and transfer their traditional methods into digital ones.

However, students who are going to be admitted to universities soon, are to suffer the most from this pandemic. They are getting into session clutter. The education system condition in Bangladesh is shaky enough. Some of the universities students felt that the condition of education is worsening. One of the graduate students of Bangladesh University of Professionals said that the “condition of education is not good enough, it would create a hurdle for the upcoming university students.” Anika Tabassum Orni, a final year medical student, said that she is getting into session clutter, how much she has to wait for completing her MBBS. She is passing her time in uncertainty”. So, it could be said that health issue is a concern for the government as well as educational condition. It's becoming a new headache for the authority. It deteriorating day by day because of the above reasons.

The government might not be handling this situation enough but it could be different if teachers get the proper training and know-how to collaborate with students in distance learning. It is hoped that schools, colleges and universities students could get a decent education and that the situation would reach an end with the least negative outcomes possible.



Nazmun Nahar Sabra | BSS in International Relations, BUP

Fatima Al-Fihri Open University | FAOU


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