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Improve Your Mental Health

By Choukouriyah ARINLOYE

Tips and techniques to improve your mental health while studying

Mental health is an essential part of a human being and it plays an important role. While studying, it might be hard at times to clear your mind and that’s when you hurt your mental health. There are various methods and tips that can be helpful to overcome stress or anything that is able to dame your mental health. You will be learning in this article some of those tips and methods.

Mental health: essential for the wellness

When considering the wellness of a human being, mental health is one of the core components. In fact, mental health can be defined as a state of wellbeing in which every student, every individual can be productive and reaches his or her maximum potential, regardless of all the stressful situations he or she is going through.

Be able to convey the joy around you or be nice enough to give back and contribute to your community; those aspects are very important for your mental health. More importantly, to ensure you have good mental health, you will have to adopt a healthy routine. This routine can be broken into the following actions or activities:

Something makes you happy: Do it!

An important key to being very happy in your daily life is to do something you are fond of. This way, you will not need to deal with stress or be angry for no reason. If studying makes you feel happy, then go for it. Study as well as you can and always give your best. Apart from studying, you can find some activities you are passionate about and invest a part of your time in them. If you don’t have any funny activities, then you can search for them or look around you, among your friends.

Join social communities, start working out, learn how to bake cakes, explore opportunities and a lot more. Moreover, if you are a fan of reading, then buy some or find a library and register so that you can borrow books from them. Today, the internet is full of opportunities and many libraries are available online. You can even write your own book and publish it to share something with readers if this is something that makes you happy.

Kiss your mind: Be grateful

As an idiom said, you should not take anything for granted. Your current situation may change drastically in a blink of an eye. But you may also lose everything you had. So rather than complaining every time, you can, from time to time kiss your mind. Some people wish to be where you are and at the same time, others want to be at their place. So, you see, for every single thing you have, for every recognition, for every promotion, you need to be grateful. It is an exercise that makes you feel good and improve your mental wellbeing.

Remember to take a break

As students, it is common to not have time to rest. Schools or universities tasks get you overwhelmed and you seem to not having time for anything else. Between the work, it is crucial to know that breaks are important. Even if you don’t really love the activities involved in breaks, it is good for your health. Taking a break will cheer your mood, boost your productivity and make you away from some physical issues – neck or eyes issues for instance. Have a nice walk around or eat a cake will be of great help.

Ask yourself these questions

Above all, mental health depends on one’s attitude. It starts with you anything you want to be or anyhow you would like to feel. And then comes guide, from experienced or wise people whose goals are to help people in need. There are some questions you can ask your young self and write down the answers. They will be very important in creating your healthy routine.

  • How am I feeling physically and mentally?

  • When did I last talk to someone about my feelings?

  • What can I celebrate today?

  • What can I do that will bring me joy?

  • What is taking more of my headspace?

  • When did I last do a kind thing for someone else?

  • When did I last take a deep breath?

  • When did I last go outside?

Your answers to these simple questions will show how much you care about yourself and then others. Based on them, you will need or not to readjust your routine’s content.

Never forget to smile and have a good laugh!

Hope this article is helpful for you! Feel free to let me know your feelings and suggestions in the comment sections.

Keep spreading love!


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