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Online Education at your Fingertips

By Prabhjot Kaur

Covid-19 has brought a lot of grief and despair in the past year up till now. People with a will to learn and with an enthusiasm to explore new ambitions and initiatives have been left out. With a lot of individuals not being able to access their online classes due to the high fees and with the lack of availability to a variety of online courses had many individuals wondering if they would be able to become qualified and enhance and learn new skills sets in order to follow their passions and ambitions.

In order to ensure that individuals were able to make their dreams come into reality. The Fatima-Al Fihri Open University (FAOU) has taken the initiative to provide an effective online learning platform. The exceptional team of professors & educators and ambassadors have put together a wide range of courses to broaden the minds of countless individuals and to establish a wide range of undertakings towards new areas of education which were not explored and were made available during previous years.

Courses such as:

  • Start up Creations

  • Problem Solving with Data Science

  • Basics of Cancer Immunology

  • Brand Management

  • Digital Marketing for Beginners

  • Gamification for Educators

Have brought in new demand for skills sets which need to be utilised in the digital day and age.

Technological advancement has provided the newer generation to learn new skill sets which are compulsory for today’s society to provide better opportunities for better jobs, learning opportunities and better engagement and social interaction chances in the upcoming future. So that we as a society as a whole can create better advancements and breakthroughs to help shape a brighter future of our upcoming generation.

As well as this, FAOU has also made sure that it is able to create an everlasting generational impact on those who it has taught and has worked with. Therefore, once someone has joined the community, they are then able to interact and communicate with a global community of workers and are able to share their experiences and new insights in establishing a better working community. This community is available at all times making sure that everyone is assisted when in need and is also able to support throughout the week. With a global network, everyone is able to engage and communicate with each other at all times. This not only ensures that all students enrolling on these online courses will be guided at all times, but will also be able to communicate when needed at all aspects of their online learning experience; they will be assisted at all times, to ensure that they receive the best level of education and guidance there is.

As well as this whilst studying they can also enrol onto online internships provided by FAOU in various areas, such as finance, social media, video editors, newspaper writers, other more senior level positions as well, including managerial positions in most of these sectors. This will provide invaluable experience & additional and exceptional skill.


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