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The right time to reward the process and ‘non 8 hours job’

‘Work- every move, even the smallest step you make, it’s something! To work Day by day, each of us can face the questions: Do you work? What do you do for a living? And more. But, have you ever thought about what really means ‘to work’? In physics, work has been defined as: “ measure of energy transfer that occurs when an object is moved over a distance by an external force at least part of which is applied in the direction of the displacement.” (Gregersen, 2020). On a daily basis, we undertake many actions. The only time we can say we are working is; being in office, company or any other job place from 8 Am to 4/5 Pm! - Today, we should give the credits for every move and contribution someone makes to his/her/ their family, community and from the distance/ remotely!

The Process

Life is a cycle. Respectively, the human being ‘walk’ through a process of life in every aspect of it. On social media, you can see a photo, a video or a post of any of your friends, relatives or co-workers. But, it is pretty hard to define their real feelings. As it is even harder to know how the person has achieved their goal! You fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and thus you start feeling sorry for not being busy or not achieving many things like others (Even though often people wants to show up instead of progress). Being at work 8 hours per day doesn’t mean you are happy with what you are doing and it doesn’t guarantee you the path of the career you have been dreaming of and the luxury lifestyle you aspire to have. People tend to see the result, the outcome of hard work but is there anybody to ‘see behind the camera’ and to appreciate it?

The process is the success. How many times you want to give up, your all attempts that nobody ever has seen (maybe never will be shown), your emotional breakdowns, your volunteer activities, all the rejections you accept till you got ‘the small piece of the cake’… more and more…”

It is important to clap and give positive feedback to those who; dream, live their private life simply, help their loved ones and everyone in need; those who never give up their goals even though they are discouraged 100+ times and for everyone who makes ‘everything’ to show what a true talent means!

What are non 8 hours job?

When you are a part-time intern, online jobs like freelancer, web developer, social media manager and online businesses etc., housekeepers, writers, Athletes, giving a hand someone to solve a problem, job seeking, full time studying, researching and free time activities… you use your mind, your emotional state, energy, put your skills on and you are using the time, moving from place to place. In spite of that, some people would still see you as a person who is ‘not working’!? – This is wrongful, because, being stuck in a permanent contracted job doesn’t make you a worker. The only way, to differentiate yourself from the others, which can put you ‘out of the crowd’ is; Be who you are, do what fits you and always stay eager to make something incomparable!

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