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Top Five Tips and tricks For Efficient E-Learning From Fatima Al-Fihri Open University by Lien Nguyen.
Introducing the top five tips for efficient e-learning by Lien Nguyen from Fatima Al-Fihri Open University

Undeniably, online education is somehow different from traditional ones. Discipline and studying habits need to be adjusted for successful outcomes. To help with that, we have put together the 5 most effective online learning tips below based on research and best practices from personal experience.


How to set daily goals for studying
Set daily goals for studying

Learning online is a process and challenges may happen along the way. Just writing down several clear goals can help you beat procrastination and push yourself towards graduating the course. The goal should be specific and easy to obtain, such as “finishing all Math exercises this morning or watching Module 2 of English course.” Spend your time on the things that are of great importance, and improve on productivity.


This tip does not only apply to online learning but offline as well. Choosing when to study is necessary in terms of optimizing your energy and output. Different people have different energy levels at certain points of the day.

How to set up the best time for e-learning always give the best result.
Setting up the best time for e-learning always give the best result

Some people prefer studying in the morning, while others are night owls. Just pick a time that suits you best to perform best.


How to create a comfortable study space
Create a comfortable study space

It is believed that the atmosphere around you can contribute greatly to the quality of your learning results. Unless you have a favourable environment, you cannot study online effectively. Removing any distractions from the space such as from television, games or unnecessary chats can help you highly concentrate. Moreover, get the right furniture, lighting, computer, soft music or anything else that will make your study time excellent.


How to take active notes tips and tricks
Take active notes for better results

Even if you’re not physically studying at school, note-taking still plays a vital part in learning and growing intellectually. Taking good notes can encourage creative thinking, promote comprehension, and extend your attention span. Notes should be displayed in such a way that you know the sequence of information that was brought up revolving around them to internalize knowledge easier. So, grab a notebook or find a digital app that works best for you and start synthesizing key points.


Reviewing notes and past papers is really beneficial to recalling information from the lecture.

It is considered a good habit of spending a half-hour daily to review content or notes. By reviewing things regularly, you’re not overwhelmed with the volume of information that you’ve got to handle. Some recommended strategies for reviewing are highlighting or underlining keywords, phrases, or you can also utilize visual aids or construct mind maps to help with remembering better.

How to reviewing notes and past papers for the best outcome
Reviewing notes and past papers for the best outcome.

Considering the current situation and the change occurred since the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning became a vital part of our daily life. Therefore, finding out ways to accommodate and maximize your performance, while managing stress, would keep you disciplined and motivated. This would not only affect your academic life positively but also your overall well-being.

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