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FAOU's Essay Competition - May 2022

By: Cvetanka Ristova Maglovska

📢 May Day, also called Workers' Day or International Labor Day, is day commemorating the historic struggles and gains made by workers and the labor movement, observed in many countries on May 1. This day celebrates laborer’s and encourages them to be aware of their rights.

This month, in the spirit of annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers, Fatima Al-Fihri Open University is organizing an essay competition celebrating International Labor Day.

Essay competition: Theme topic

📌 “Labor law pay equity and age discrimination” 📌

The price? 🏆

A FREE course for 3 lucky winners!

Still interested? Then read the rules below. ⬇

📋 Rules:

1. 🗺 The competition is open to all nations, everyone interested to listen and take an online course, no age restrictions.

2. 1️⃣ Only one entry per person is allowed.

3. 🗓🕛 The essay competition is open on May 9th 2022 and you must submit your entry by midnight (GMT time) on May 23nd 2022 on the following email

4. 🗒 Contestant must use FAOU’s essay template (available at the official website).

5. ✍️ All essays should be typed in English with no color or graphics.

6. 🗒 Essay length: 500-1000 typewritten words. The essay title (theme) or added footnotes do not contribute to the word count.

7. ✍️ All levels of English are accepted (except complete beginners).

8. 🏆 🤳 If you are a winner, we’ll ask you for a photo to use in our publicity.

9. 📢 The winners will be chosen at random and announced publicly on FAOU’s official website and social media on May 26th 2022.

10. 👋 Everyone is welcome to enter, so tell your friends!

Stay tuned to our social media accounts for more prizes!

🔜 FAOU will be awarding 3 NEW WINNERS with a FREE course EVERY MONTH during whole 2022!

Essay Format Template (May)
Download DOCX • 26KB

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