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Press Release Tips to Get Consistent Media Attention For Your Business

By: Eman Khalid

Press releases are an effective and crucial part of an organization’s marketing strategy. While many people believe that they are no longer relevant, every public relations specialist and marketer needs to master the skill of writing an engaging press release as a strategy to increase their brand’s awareness. Press releases are important because they help the public know about the latest news of your organization.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 5 best tips for your business’s press release to be noticed by journalists amidst a pool of a thousand other press releases so you can attain consistent media attention for your business.

1. Catchy & Creative Headline

What makes a press release stand out and catch a journalist’s attention? A catchy and creative headline! Your headline is the first thing that a journalist reads. Using your creativity, convey the message to the journalist about why your press release is newsworthy and relevant.

Consider using action verbs in the headline to create a sense of urgency in the reader. Additionally, providing essential information is also a crucial part of getting your press release published. A sub-heading can also be added to include additional information and relevant keywords.

According to several reports, adding numbers in headlines generates 73% more engagement and social shares. However, despite adding numbers and action verbs, creating a misleading headline will create a bad impression on the reader. Therefore, it is important to create relevant headlines, with relevant content and relevant words. The more relevant your headline is, the more readers will trust you!

2. Strong Opening Statement

What’s more creative than a catchy and creative headline? A strong opening statement!

Start your press release with a quote, a phrase, or a catchy word. An opening statement will grab a reader’s attention and intrigue them to read the press release till the end. However, remaining consistently interesting throughout the press release is also very important.

3. Keep It Short

Every day, hundreds of news pieces are being broadcasted on TV, newspaper, and social media. The audience wants a news piece that is clear, concise, and short, without any repetition of information. And a well-rounded press release provides its readers with enough information to stimulate their attention to the subject at hand.

4. Remembering the Five W’s

One of the most crucial factors in creating an effective press release is to include the five W’s: what, when, who, where, and why. What is the news about? Where has it occurred and when? Why is it happening and who are the people involved? A quality press release consists of the aforementioned information. Without the aforementioned W’s, the reader will likely delete the press release you’ve sent them.

5. Implementing The Right Style

The right style of curating a press release is to write it as a news story. The sentences should be kept simple and short, without using terms or jargon that an average individual would have a hard time articulating. Sending out a press release is useless if you do not include the right information and facts.

Adding relevant information is a key element in making your press release publish-worthy. Re-checking your press release for any minor errors or grammatical concerns is also important before sending your press release. Journalists will immediately delete your press release if it is filled with grammatical errors or biased news.


Writing a press release is simple. However, it takes certain specific rules to follow if you wish to create publish-worthy content. With the aforementioned tips, you can create a well-crafted press release and get your organization the awareness it deserves!


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